Global Warning: Hot Topic in CB School District and WNPV

The head of the Climate Coalition says it is politics and not science driving the climate change bus.

Steve Goreham is the Executive Director of the Climate and Science Coalition and was a guest on Comment Please By Univest Wednesday afternoon on WNPV AM-1440.

“We’ve been on a general warming for the last 400 years and the earth has moved out of the little ice age. But we also had naturally warmer periods in the past. When the Romans conquered the Mediterranean in those short skirts it was warmer and about 8,000 years ago, we had temperatures that were a couple degrees warmer than today. It’s driven by natural factors. Man-made emissions play a very, very tiny role.

Goreham also called out Al Gore for the dire predictions he made about global warming that never happened.

“He said in 2004 in ten years the arctic ice would be gone in the summer, that hasn’t happened and many people were predicting polar bears to disappear, we have 25,000 polar bears and they are so numerous up in Canada and Alaska that they’re becoming pests. Stronger storms and hurricanes were projected, but yet we have a ten-year hiatus without a category three or stronger making landfall in the United States and that hasn’t happened in more than 100 years.”

Goreham expects the politics of climate change to take a much different direction under President Trump. Some Central Bucks School Board members voiced concern that text books fail to present different sides of the climate change issue which prompted an angry turnout of some locals who claimed there is only one side to the issue.