Former I.N.S. Agent Credits President For Border Control

Immigration Activist Michael Cutler, and former I.N.S. Agent says President Trump is doing the right thing in order to regain control of the borders.

Cutler was a guest on Wednesday’s Comment Please By Univest on WNPV. Cutler says, Republicans have wanted illegal aliens for cheap labor and Democrats sought them out to expand government and to gain voters.

““Look how the media refers to the people that are advocates for illegal aliens, they call them pro-immigrants they’re not, I’m pro-immigrant and not anti-immigrant, but I’m pro-enforcement and if your pro-enforcement, you’re pro-immigrant, because we legally admit more than a million lawful immigrants into the United States every year and that’s more than the rest of the world combined. We legally naturalized hundreds of thousands of citizens, that’s more than the world combined.”

Cutler says, if President Trump just enforces laws on the books he will make strides in reducing the number of illegal aliens entering the U.S.