Judge Creates Program For People Addicted to Heroin

The heroin crisis was the subject of discussion on WNPV’s Legally Speaking Program Wednesday morning.

One of the many officials on the front lines of the epidemic is District Judge Andrea Duffy, who asks residents to attend a forum on March 9th at the Hatfield Township Building at 7pm. Duffy says, a stronger effort is needed to confront the heroin and opioid epidemic.

“It’s resulting in more crime, death and emotional pain for those neighbors right next to us. I really encourage everyone to come to this event. It’s a unique team approach and it’s local. We have there are District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s office, Adult Probation and Parole. Everyone who can provide help and assistance will be right there under one roof.”

Judge Duffy became proactive creating D.A.R.A. or the Drug Addiction Resource Alliance. Judge Duffy says the alliance allows addicts to go from court directly to treatment.