Towamencin Twp. Pool Will Open on Memorial Day

The Towamencin Township Supervisors have approved leasing the community pool.

Standguard Aquatics will operate the aquatic facility on Weikel Road for the next three swim seasons. It will collect membership fees and the Township will subsidize operations during year one with a 30,000 payment. Standguard and the Township will share revenues above 250,000 during the second and third years of the agreement. Township Manager, Rob Ford says, Standguard will handle staffing at the pool.

“They are all employees of the company and will buy their own chlorine, so will won’t have to purchase that and we will bill them for electricity for some minor things that stay in our name and we would invoice them and they would then pay us back.”

Ford adds, that the hours of operation for the pool will stay the same as last summer and the membership fee for the upcoming season will not increase.