Former Cop Arrested in Road Rage Shooting

A road rage incident involving a former Upper Gwynedd Township Police officer on the night of February 18th results in a broken foot to the former cop and a gunshot to a teenage girl’s back.

The former Upper Gwynedd Township Police Officer, Owen William Farmer the 3rd, faces charges for allegedly firing a gun at a car that was involved in a road rage incident with his stepdaughter. Court documents show that Farmer’s stepdaughter called him at around 10pm saying she was driving behind a BMW on North Wales Road in Montgomery Township and she said the vehicle was going to turn but pulled back in the lane, at that point, she says threw up the middle finger to the BMW, which then started following her. Farmer met his stepdaughter outside his home on the 1900 block of West 2nd street in Upper Gwynedd Township. Farmer says, he tried to confront the driver inside the BMW but the driver backed up on to his foot, and that’s when he fired three shots, hitting a 15 year old girl in the front seat. Luckily, the teen, who was in the car with her mother and father, was treated at an area hospital. Farmer faces a March 13th court hearing. He’s free on 50,000 unsecured bail and is charged with several counts of aggravated and simple assault along with reckless endangerment. According to court records, the injured teen’s mother was driving the BMW. Farmer, according to the D.A.’s office, served as an Upper Gwynedd Township Police officer from December of 2000 to February of 2009 and was honorably discharged.