Borick: Trump Followed Script, Knows Healthcare is Complex

President Trump stood before joint session of Congress Tuesday night to address the nation’s needs.

Muhlenberg College Pollster, and Professor of Political Science, Dr. Chris Borick says, the President stayed on message.

“He was more controlled, following the script, not wandering off. He went in wanting to lay out a case for his priorities and I think he did a really good job.”

The President talked about the need to rebuild the military and make changes in the nation’s healthcare system, namely, the Affordable Care Act. Borick says, the President knows the healthcare issue will not be easy to fix, particularly in the time frame that Republicans want it done.

“His rhetoric has been all over the place. He referred to Speaker of The House, Paul Ryan’s idea of healthcare that he is leaning toward, which would allow doctors and patients to control their health care decisions, but the President said himself, it’s complicated.”

Borick says, the President’s next challenge will be not only getting Democrats to support his initiatives, but Republicans as well. Borick was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday morning.