Teen Accused of Shooting Over Pot Deal Charged as Adult

16 year old, J’Mel Duran-Taylor of Lansdale will face trial as an adult on charges of attempted murder and 18 additional offenses in connection with the alleged shooting and robbery of a 19 year old Hatfield Township man over 80 dollars worth of marijuana.

The incident happened, according to police, on the evening of January 19th outside the Hatfield Village Apartments. According to court documents, Duran-Taylor and his alleged accomplice, 17 year old Trent Reppert of Towamencin Township, set up the pot buy, but Reppert told investigators that Duran-Taylor began shooting the 19 year old after the victim told him he didn’t have the marijuana with him. Duran-Taylor’s attorney argued that attempted murder charge should not apply in the case because the victim, despite being shot six times, was not hit in the head or any vital organs. The judge disagreed with the request, sending the case to trial. Duran-Taylor faces formal arraignment on April 26th. He’s being held on 750,000 bail. Reppert, free on 10 percent of 50,000 bail, faces a preliminary hearing on March 17th.