National and Local Debate Continues Over Health Coverage

While lawmakers in D.C. continue to rant about dismantling the Affordable Care Act, two former local lawmakers weighws in on the hotly debated topic Wednesday.

Former Democratic Congressman, Joe Hoeffel says, subsidies are key in helping individuals and families buy health insurance.

“If the Republicans take away that coverage, they’re going to have a very angry electorate and they’ve got to delivery on all of their rhetoric over the lat 8 years.”

Paul Clymer, retired Republican State Rep. says, when the A.C.A. was created in 2009, two Democratic lawmakers stood in the way of making the A.C.A. a longstanding law.

“Had Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid invited the Republicans in that could have created a bi-partisan law, but they refused to do.”

Clymer and Hoeffel, guests on Comment Please By Univest Wednesday afternoon, both gave President Trump high grades on his address to a joint session of congress Tuesday night.