Montco. Officials and Police Launch New Drug Program

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office is teaming up with the Lower Providence Township Police Department to help low level drug offenders with a new program.

It targets first time offenders between the ages of 18 and 26 who are found to be in possession of a small amount of drugs.Deputy District Attorney, Samantha Cauffman says first time offenders would avoid arrest if they take part in the program. It’s called the Drug Education and Abuse Prevention Program.

“An officer from the Lower Providence Township Police Department will conduct an initial assessment that a person may be a candidate for the program. The individual caught with a small amount of drugs will not be arrested don the spot. The information will be evaluated at the Police department and you’re a candidate you’ll be given an opportunity to join this program. This program entails about four components. There’s an introductory session where the person will meet with a local District Justice, a representative from the District Attorney’s office and the police department. A drug and alcohol evaluation will also be carried out and a visit to the County Coroner’s Office.”

Cauffman says, anyone who opts in to the program is required to be drug free during the program, and could be tested during the program and for six months after the program.