Report: Montco. Needs Better Service on Absentee Ballots

Montgomery County needs to get a better handle on high turnout elections. That’s the bottom line of a report prepared for the County Election Board.

The report was commissioned at the end of last year after a big jump in absentee ballot requests brought out complaints from hundreds of voters who said they did not receive theirs on time. Minority Republican County Commissioner Joe Gale says there was no excuse for it.

“The chaos we saw with the absentee ballots in Montgomery County exemplify the reason why government run programs are perceived so negatively. Everyone knew we were having this election on November 8th, 2016. I glad you pointed out that we can do a better job in training the part time workers well in advance.”

Absentee ballot requests increased by 18 percent during the last election compared with the Presidential race four years before it.