More Fallout in Murder of Grace Packer

Northampton county is severing its relationship with The Impact Project, a private foster care agency after it determined the agency was aware of alleged abuse complaints against Sara Packer more than ten years ago.

Packer and her boyfriend, Patrick Sullivan, stand accused of raping, murdering, and dismembering the body of Sara Packer’s adopted daughter, 14 year old, Grace Packer, Sara packer worked at the Impact Project from 1999 to 2002. She fostered dozens of children for over a decade. Packer then went on to work as an adoption supervisor for Northampton County until she was fired after her then husband was charged with sexually abusing foster children, including Grace Packer. A search was initiated in July after Grace Packer was reported missing from her Abington Township home. Police now know that Sara Packer and Sullivan took Grace to a Quakertown home where she was killed and brutalized. Police say, the couple then dumped the teen’s remains in Luzerne County where hunters would make the grim discovery of Grace’s dismembered body in October. Packer and Sullivan both faces murder and related offenses in connection with Grace Packer’s death.