Turnpike Connector Bridge Reopens, Severed Beam Repaired

The Delaware River Turnpike Connector Bridge is open for business again.

Pa. Turnpike Commission Spokesman, Carl DeFebo credits a great team of people that led to the repair of a severed beam by way of a splice.

“Which is steel strengthening of the bridge. They take heavy steel plates and they bolt through the existing beam and inserted a knew part of the beam, the beam is now much stronger than it was originally because of all of this bolstering that took place.”

The bridge, which connects Bristol Township, Bucks County to Burlington County, New Jersey, opened late Thursday night. The bridge was scheduled to reopen in early April after a crack was found in the beam on January 20th. The Pa. Turnpike Commission shares the bridge with New Jersey’s Turnpike Authority. DeFebo says, workers repaired the beam on a 24 hour schedule. The Pa. Turnpike Commission says, 42,000 cars use the bridge every day.