Madonna: Williams Indictment Shows Changes are Needed

The City of Philadelphia’s top law enforcement official finds himself on the other side of the legal system. District Attorney, Seth Williams faces a 23 count indictment in connection with allegedly taking bribes and accepting gifts in exchange for favors from business associates.

F&M College Political Science Professor and Pollster, Dr. Terry Madonna says it’s time for some changes.

“we need to strengthen ethics laws and campaign finance laws and lobbying laws. If you’re a lobbyist, you can send an elected official around the world, as long as they report it, you can still do it.”

Former D.A., Lynne Abraham is calling on Williams to step down to allow the D.A.’s office to function without having to cope with the turmoil caused by the indictment. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey is handling the case. The Feds in Philadelphia say it was necessary because of contact they’ve had with Williams on various cases over his tenure. Williams plans to fight the charges and is maintaining that he did nothing illegal.