Milford Man Sentenced in Son’s Accidental Death

A Milford man pleads guilty in the death in the accidental shooting of his son. Police were called to the home of 27 year old Nicholas Wyllie on the morning of September 12th for a shooting.

Wyllie and his two year old son, Benjamin Smith, were watching television, when Benjamin told his father he was going to his room to watch “Winnie The Pooh”, but Nicholas Wyllie soon heard a loud noise that proved to be his gun firing. Benjamin found the gun and accidentally shot himself in the chest. Bucks county D.A. Matt Weintraub says it was a completely preventable death if Wyllie had secured the gun, instead of leaving it out where Benjamin could see and handle it. Wyllie was sentenced one to two years in the Bucks County Correctional Facility. Benjamin’s mother, Courtney Hotaling testified in court saying, her heart and soul are gone.