Reagan Biographer Releases New Book on 40th U.S. President

Reagan biographer, Craig Shirley is out with a new book. It’s called “Reagan Rising..The Decisive Years From 1976 to 1980.

During those years, Reagan’s bid for the GOP nomination was unsuccessful, but he ultimately broke through with his victory over Jimmy Carter. Shirley says, it also was a time when he honed his strategy toward the former Soviet Union.

“And that was Reagan’s plan all of the time, simply bankrupt the Soviet Union and force them to surrender. He thought the Mutually Assured Destruction Policy was insane. Nuclear war and the Soviet Union were always on Reagan’s mind, how to stop and eliminate both. The hole eight years of his Presidency was played out against the backdrop OF THE Soviet Union and winning the cold war.”

Shirley was a guest on Comment Please By Univest on WNPV Wednesday afternoon.