Boyle Believes Bipartisan Healthcare Bill Can Happen

Republicans continue to debate about repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act.

This after House Speaker, Paul Ryan’s proposal failed to move his colleagues to vote for the American Care Act. Congressman Brendan Boyle of the 13th District, says the facts show the A.C.A worked.

“It’s a real achievement that Obamacare was able to provide health insurance for 29.8 million people who previously didn’t have it, which by the way has now produced the lowest un-insurance rate in American history, so it is a real achievement.”

Boyle admits, there are parts of the A.C.A he would change, including the Medical Device Tax, because he says it has hurt jobs in the suburbs. Bolye adds, if both Democrats and Republicans could come together, a plan for health insurance could be developed where citizens could be insured and insurance companies would commit to states, instead of pulling out, like many have done over the last year. Right now, there is a Republican proposal to bring back pre-existing conditions and allow insurance companies to avoid providing coverage for prescriptions and various tests.