Man Accused of Abusing his Children, Wife

A Lower Providence Township man was arrested Monday on list of charges that he abused his children. The abuse included shocking them with an electric dog collar over a period of several years.

44 years old, Joseph Myhre of Lower home schooled his two children. The children are now 11 and 13 years old. Myhre allegedly punched, kicked, choked, and struck them, along with sticking needles under their fingernails to cause bleeding, according to court records. Police reports show the abuse started when the children were about 4 or 5. Police opened its investigation in March after Myhre’s wife drove herself to the hospital after allegedly being assaulted by her husband. The woman had a fractured skull, and confirmed to Police that Myhre had abused their children over the last six years. Myhre is behind bars on one million dollars bail.