Lansdale Man Accused of Using Dead Infant’s Identity

44-year-old Jon Vincent of the 100 block of West 6th street in Lansdale has been charged with one count each of Social Security fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Charges filed by The U.S Department of Justice say Vincent broke out of a Texas halfway house in March of 1996 after serving time behind bars for indecency with a child.  Just after his escape, Vincent is accused of going to a cemetery to find someone with a birth date near his own so he could take over that person’s identity. The person he picked was Nathan Laskoski, a two-month-old infant who passed away in December of 1972, according to court records. Vincent then obtained a copy of Laskoski’s birth certificate which allowed him to apply for a social security number in Laskoski’s name sometime around June, 1996. Vincent had been living under the Laskoski name while living in Texas and in two other southern states. The Feds say Vincent moved to Pennsylvania in 2003. Vincent’s current address links him to Lansdale.  Records show he also lived in York and Pittsburgh.