Tuition Hike at Bucks County Community College.

The Board of Trustees approved a tuition increase of five dollars per credit for Bucks County residents, raising their tuition from 140 dollars to 145 dollars a credit.

Students from outside the County will see a hike of ten dollars from 280 dollars to 290 dollars per credit. Students residing outside Pennsylvania will see a 15 dollar per credit increase. Tuition for those students will increase from 420 dollars to 435 dollars. County students with 12 credits a semester will pay 4,418 in tuition and fees for the next full school year, 120 dollars more compared to this year for 24 credits. The Trustees approved a 79.8 million dollar budget for 2017-18. The tuition increase starts in late August, which signals the start of the fall semester. Bucks County Community College has locations in Newtown Township, its main campus. The Lower Bucks campus in Bristol Township and the Upper Bucks campus in East Rockhill. The tuition increase marks the third consecutive year that students have been hit with an increase.