NP School Board Members Reflect as They Prepare to Depart

Two veteran members of the North Penn School Board say they have no regrets about not running for reelection.

Board President Vince Sherpinsky and Negotiations Committee Chair Tim Kerr have more than 35 years of community service between them. Kerr says don’t look for him to endorse any of the ten candidates running for the five open seats in the May primary election.

“I don’t’ want to take anything away from the folks that are running. The story is them, not Vince and I. It’s a thanks less job, but you what, for those folks that are interested in getting involved in community, it’s not, you may think it is. There are times when we don’t look all that happy in public meetings because of whatever may be going on, but I’ve gotten a lot out of it.”

School Board President Vince Sherpinsky was first elected with the support of the North Penn Taxpayers Association in 1997 and says he hasn’t strayed far from his roots.

“We still talk about the core beliefs, quality education at an affordable price and that’s been our mantra all along and we haven’t changed at all.”

Sherpinsky and Kerr will step down when their current terms end in November.