Democrats Hope to Bring New Message to NP School Board

Special education teacher, Chris Fusco, is a candidate for the North Penn School Board. Fusco, a Democrat, is a member of North Penn Neighbors For Progress.

The group is comprised of four Democrats who are also running for school board seats. Fusco says education dollars have to stay in the district and that’s why he’s not warming to the idea of more charter schools.

“We have such a well-respected high-functioning district that I don’t see a need to take resources from it to give to a start up, essentially a charter organization, and I wouldn’t say that’s our driving concern, but just the fiscal outlook. The way we Democrats view the fiscal concerns of the district may be a little different than the Republicans might take in terms of protection of those dollars that are being sent to our district right now.”

Fusco, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Monday, teaches in the Spring-Ford Area School District. Fusco says the North Penn School District would be better served if the school board had more diverse opinions on it. Fusco’s two children attend schools in the North Penn School District.