Two Newcomers to Run For NP School Board Seats

Four Democrats and four Republicans, who have cross filed, are running for seats on the North Penn School Board. Mark Warren, a Democrat, is running for the first time.

It’s a four year seat. Warren, employed in the tech field, cites two reasons for running.

“Making sure that we have a lot of transparency and governance of how the board works, not that they aren’t open now, but a little bit more and full day kindergarten is a big item for our slate.”

Warren, who has two children in the North Penn School District says, North Penn is one of the few districts without full day kindergarten. One two year seat on the school board is open. It’s the unfilled seat when Carolyn Murphy passed away. Dr Michelle Rupp, a veterinarian, is running for the seat on the Republican ticket. Rupp says, preserving education for all kids is key.

“But we also need to be aware of the financial implications and the challenges that we’re facing with respect to the budget. So to me it’s about preserving education for all kids. It’s not just about advocating for kids with differences. I happen to have a child with learning differences. It’s about making sure that every kid in the district has access to a high quality education, but we also have to be conscientious of the taxpayers dollars.”

Rupp and Warren were guests on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday.