Montco. Grand Jury Releases Report on Opioid Crisis

A Montgomery County Grand Jury releases an 82 page report on the opioid crisis with six recommendations for curbing the epidemic.

D.A. Kevin Steele, at a news conference in Norristown Wednesday, called the epidemic a tsunami of death.

“This Grand Jury report came together to hopefully get this poison off of our streets and ultimately save lives.”

The Grand Jury recommendations include setting up a statewide online system to identify open beds at addiction centers. An emotional Marissa Wadsworth, a Collegeville resident, spoke at the news conference about the loss of her son J.T.

“It’s like a living hell, I wake up in the morning and in the beginning I think was it a nightmare…… he still here, and then during the day I still have flashbacks…..things that I should have done different.”

The opioid epidemic claimed the lives of 249 county residents in 2016.