Trash Hauling Bids For Lansdale Rejected

Lansdale Borough Council rejects four bids for trash haulers after the Borough solicitor said the bids were fatally flawed.

Council member jack hansen agrees with that assessment, saying he’s talked with residents about the issue and that they like having a private hauler.

“I wish this would go away. I’ve never been in favor of the Borough being in the trash business, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve been out on the streets talking to a lot of residents and the vast majority I spoke to, I won’t say all, but the vast majority have said they staying with their own private haulers, for the basic reason, if they have a problem, they can fire their hauler and get rid of them.”

Council Member Jason Van Dame says, the single hauler proposal is still alive.

“I have to disagree with your opinion that the vast majority of residents are opposed to this. We have a couple of surveys that show interest in it. We had a public meeting that showed a lot of interest in it, ad I also talked to a lot of residents, when educated on the reasons understand why it is a really good idea.”

The rejection of the bids clears the way for the Borough to put out a new request for bids from trash haulers