Jurors and Alternates in Place For Cosby Sex Assault Case

A jury of seven men, five women and six alternates from Allegheny County are ready to hear Bill Cosby’s sex assault case in Montgomery County Court on June 5th.

Cosby was complimentary following jury selection Wednesday.

“I want to thank the people of Allegheny County and the Sheriff’s Department because they made everything very, very smooth here.”

Two African Americans, a middle-aged man and a young woman, are a part of the jury. Two African American jurors were picked as alternates. The defense accused the prosecution during jury selection of trying to exclude African Americans from being on the jury, a charge that Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele called nonsense. Cosby is accused of putting some type of sedative in a drink he gave Andrea Constand to render her helpless. He’s accused of sexually assaulting Constand while she was unconscious. The incident is alleged to have happened at Cosby’s palatial estate in Cheltenham Township in 2004.