Castor Pulling For The Prosecution in Cosby Trial

Former Montgomery County D.A. Bruce Castor once promised Bill Cosby would not be prosecuted for the case involving Andrea Constand.

But now Cosby’s Trial starts on Monday June 5th after being accused of sexually assaulting Constand at his Cheltenham Township home in 2004. Castor’s office investigated the allegations made by Constand, but decided not to prosecute. Castor did think some of the comic icons actions were suspicious.

“I’ll let listeners in on a little secret about investigating any sort of serious offense. We almost always know who did it, occasionally we don’t, but most of the time we do. It’s what can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Castor was a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Thursday. Castor’s agreement not to prosecute helped Constand be successful in her civil suit case because Cosby offered a deposition. It’s now the foundation of the case against Cosby being pursued by D.A. Kevin Steele.