Pennridge School District Faces Another Federal Lawsuit

The National Women’s Law Center and DLP Piper have filed a Federal lawsuit on behalf of an 18 year old, who was a student at Pennridge high school.

The suit was filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Alexandra Brodsky is a Fellow with The National Women’s Law Center.

“DarbiAnne Goodwin was raped by a Pennridge High School when she was a sophomore student. The assault happened outside a restaurant near the school. Darbi is seeking monetary compensation, but she also wants the school to change its policies and she’s really doing this for other survivors because Darbi’s last day of school was Wednesday and it’s too late for her to get her high school education back. She was explicitly told by the school that they wouldn’t do anything about an assault that happened off campus

The suit also alleges that she was harassed after reporting the incident and that the district did nothing to stop the harassment. Brodsky says, no charges were filed by the Police or District Attorney. She adds, it’s not uncommon for charges not to be filed in cases of sexual assault. The National Women’s Law Center is also representing another former student at Pennridge High School who alleges that students and the district discriminated against her due to her race. The Federal ruling has not yet been released on that case, which was filed last year.