Lansdale Makes The List For CDBG Money

The third try appears to be the trick for Lansdale.

After being rejected twice before, the Borough is in line to receive a $134,000 Community Development Block Grant from Montgomery County that will be used for phase one of a sewer improvement project on East Third Street. That money is included in an action plan for more than 6-million dollars in Federal and County funds approved for advertisement by the commissioners yesterday. County Department of Housing and Community Development Office Administrator, Emma Hertz says applicants for the grants are scored on several factors and having money leftover from a previous grant takes points away from a project proposal.

“We, as the County,  are required to expend a certain portion of our funds by mid-point throughout our fund year by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and our future allocation depends on us hitting that bench mark. So it’s really important for applicants to demonstrate, they as well, are spending the funds in a timely manner.”

Unspent money and open projects were factors in the county decision to reject Community Development Block Grant funding for Lansdale last year and in 2015.