Tax Hike in Wissahickon School District

The Wissahickon School Board approved a final budget for the next school year on Monday night.

The spending plan totals almost 100 million dollars and includes a property tax increase of almost 3 ½ percent, which translates to about a $134.00 tax bill for the average homeowner.

School Director Joe Antonio. a member of the District Finance Committee, said  “We are producing a budget that is going to be able to maintain the strong and robust academic programs and services that we have for all of our kids and we will, at the same time, be able to provide more funding for short-term capital maintenance fees that we know that we have to deal with. We are also laying the groundwork for more financial flexibility for future capital projects which we know are on the horizon.”

Salaries and benefits account for about 85 percent of the budget. The vote to approve it was unanimous.