Road Rage Suspect Accused of Killing Teen Turns Himself In

A Trainer, Delaware County man, 28 year old, David Desper is behind bars, charged with allegedly shooting 18 year old Bianca Roberson, killing the college bound student in a road rage incident last Wednesday at around 5:30pm on Route 100 in West Goshen Township.

Chester County D.A Tom Hogan says, as Bianca Roberson tried to merge from Route 100 to 202, she was met by David Desper, who was next to her car in his truck and instead of yielding to Roberson, Desper pulled out a gun and shot the aspiring college student in the head. Hogan called Desper’s behavior “savage and brutal”. Desper, who turned himself in to Police early Sunday morning, faces first and third degree murder charges. Desper is in the Chester County Prison without bail.