Bannon: Jury Scam is Back

Bucks County’s consumer watchdog is sending out a warning about a jury scam.

Mike Bannon says, scammers have been calling people in the region, particularly in southern New jersey, telling them that they’ve missed jury duty.

“They scare folks and says their could be a warrant, but they try to see what they can do and then they start asking for social security numbers and credit card numbers and that’s how they carry out the scam.”

Bannon, Director of the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection fears the scammers may start calling people in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. The scam has worked in the past where people send money to the scammers. Bannon, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday says, the court system will not call and ask for money. He advises anyone getting a call about missing jury duty to simply hang up.