Bradford Looks to Recurring Revenue For State Budget

The 32 billion dollar budget passed by the State House and Senate last week needs a revenue package to support it.

State Rep. Matt Nradford was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Thursday morning.

“I’ve been an advocate for stable recurring revenue that will allow us to deal with it. Representative Harper, in a bipartisan fashion. For a lot of us it’s like ground hogs day, say let’s do a severance tax, which we should have done a decade ago, it’s a head scratcher. Frankly, it’s sensible we haven’t done a severance tax, so a lot of us think that should now be part of the equation. A lot of us are very concerned about borrowing, especially realizing we have a structural deficit.”

Bradford says, over the last several years lawmakers are caught up in dealing with the shortcomings of the previous budget.