CEO of Regional United Way Discusses Merger with N.P.U.W

The North Penn United Way has been a stand-alone chapter since 1945. The move to merge with the Philadelphia-Southern New Jersey United Way was nearly unanimous by members of the North Penn United Way Board.

Regional C.E.O Jim Cawley understands how some may have concerns about the change, but he adds it will be more inclusive for all of Montgomery County.

“It will empower us and make sure that we don’t lose focus on what’s important to the people of the North Penn region, what’s important to Pottstown, what’s important to people in Blue Bell and all of the other locations in and around Montgomery County and I think that’s a very positive aspect of this new relationship.”

Cawley, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Wednesday afternoon says, a board will be comprised of people in Montgomery County to continue to consider and look out for the needs of people in the county under the new merger.