Grant For Peak Center Arrives at The Right Time

The Peak Center recently received some financial help from the Montgomery County Commissioners by way of a 60,000 dollar grant.

Executive Director of the Peak Center in Lansdale, Sarah Whetstone says, the funds are a big help.

“We are very grateful to the Commissioner and the Aging and Adult Services for that. It will help us propel our organization into the future and because of the move we had to the Peak Center, we had, what we like to refer to as, a temporary cash shortfall. The Commissioners stepped in to help us in support of 40 years of service that provided to the community.”

Whetstone, a guests on WNPV’s AM Edition Monday, is also Executive Director at Encore Experiences in Harleysville. Whetstone says more advancements are being made at both locations, particularly at Encore Experiences in Harleysville.