24 Year Old Man Pleads Guilty to Swinging Knife at Jogger

A jogger who was out for a leisurely run last August narrowly missed being stabbed with a large knife.

The jogger will get some relief from the incident. The man who swung the knife at the unsuspecting jogger, 24 year old Jonathon Borzelleca admitted to the outburst. Police say, witnesses confirmed the jogger’s report and two knives were found near the scene of the incident on the first block of East Main Street. The jogger, who flagged down officers, told officers that when he running the area, Borzelleca swung the knife at him. Police arrested Borzelleca near the scene and found to knives in a patch of grass. Police say he was heavily intoxicated a short time later at the time of his arrest. He faces a sentencing date on September 19th.