Perkiomen Township Woman Charged with Killing Her Mother

21 year old, Elena House-Hay is behind bars, charged with 1st degree murder for allegedly stabbing her mother to death, 54 year old, Anette House.

State Police and Montgomery County Detectives determined that Elena House-Hay had a dispute with her mother, Anette House, over Elena’s bipolar disorder. Hay called 911 at 3:18 Friday morning to report that her mother had been stabbed. When officers arrived at the home at 402 Abbey Lane they were met by Hay. According to Police, Hay had visible signs of blood on her clothing. Investigators say Hay broke a window in the home to support her story that someone entered the home and stabbed her mother. After further questioning, Police found several inconsistencies in Hay’s story and charged her with murdering her mother. Montgomery County Corner, Doctor Khalil Wardak found that Anette House was stabbed multiple times, which caused her death. Wardak says, House had defensive cuts on her arms.