Wolf,Shapiro: GOP Health Bill Will Hurt People and Programs

Elected officials in the Commonwealth are airing their views about a vote Tuesday that started debate on the GOP proposed healthcare plan.

Governor wolf says, millions of families will lose their healthcare coverage as a result of the Better Health Reconciliation Act of 2017.

“Across the country millions of Americans will lose their coverage for preexisting conditions and a lifetime limit. Across America, millions of kids with disabilities and seniors could lose the security of Medicaid. Billions of dollars will be cut leaving states only bad options to make up theses loses.”

State Attorney General, Josh Shaprio says, with opioid treatment money on the GOP chopping block, the situation could get far worse in terms of fighting the opioid crisis.

“The reality is I they go ahead and cut treatment, that makes our job in law enforcement next to impossible.”

The senate tied-breaker Tuesday to start debate on the Republican healthcare bill was broken in favor of debate when Vice President, Mike Pence cast the deciding vote.