Man Charged with Drug Delivery Resulting in Death

An East Norriton man is being held without bail at Montgomery County Prison after his arraignment on drug delivery resulting in death charges Wednesday.

29 year old Travis Siuta allegedly provided a female patient at Einstein Medical Center with a fatal dose of the synthetic opioid, Fentanyl more than eleven weeks ago. She died at the hospital after injecting it. District Attorney Kevin Steele held a news conference to announce the charges and issue a stern warning for those that would deal in death.

“Every single overdose death by heroin, by Fentanyl is being carefully looked at as a possible homicide investigation, and we are committed to stemming the tide of the pain, suffering, addiction and the death that those who would traffic in this poison who are raining down on Montgomery County.”

A conviction on drug delivery resulting in death charges could generate a jail sentence of as long as 40 years much like the penalty for third degree murder.