Author and Pres. of Muslim Group Testifies on Terrorism

Raheel Raza is the President of the Council of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

Raza testified in Washington D.C. this week in front of a subcommittee concerning homegrown terrorism. Raza offered four recommendations to the subcommittee in an effort to stop Muslim extremists who carry out and support terrorism.

“The first is to shift Government focus and efforts to tackle the ideology, not just the violent acts but the non-violent acts of hate speech, Stop the funding for these groups from getting in the country, the Muslim Brotherhood should be designated that supports and abets terrorism, which they do, and the fourth recommendation is to invite voices of reformed minded Muslims around the table when these discussions take place because that has not been happening in the last eight years of the Obama Administration and it needs to change because we are the frontline warriors in this battle against radical Islamist ideology and it’s important that our voices be heard.”

Raza, a Canadian citizen, is the author of the book, Their Jihad… Not My Jihad. Raheel Raza was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Friday.