Electric Bill Scam Reported

Another scam is back in an effort to separate consumers from their money.

Bucks County’s Consumer Champ, Mike Bannon says, scammers are using Peco in promising unsuspected residents a 15 percent discount if they’ve paid their Peco bills on time for a year. Bannon says, his office has received several calls about the scam.

“What they’re really trying to do is collect your personal information. They get on the phone and they start drilling down on your birth date, credit cards numbers and all that stuff. It’s natural for people to believe they’re getting rewarded for paying their bills on time, but that’s the hook. This is a scam.”

Bannon, Director of the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection says, if you get a call from someone saying they’re from Peco, simply hang up and call his office at 215-348-6060. Bannon says he’ll turn over all information on calls to the Federal Trade Commission.