Kromdyk Retires From Lansdale Borough P.D.

A bold voice and caring heart, especially for children and the elderly, Alex Kromdyk, who served the Lansdale Borough Police Department as an officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, leaves for retirement as acting Chief.

Kromdyk, a native of Philadelphia, remembers more highs than lows during his time with the Lansdale Borough Police Department.

“Even to this day, all these years later, I appreciate the fact that the Borough gave me an opportunity. They didn’t know me, but they took a chance on me way back when. They gave me a career, first and foremost, that’s one of the highlights, as well as getting to serve the people of Lansdale. So, it is without a doubt a joyful day, but it’s also kind of sad. I’m leaving a family that I spent more time with than my on family, so it is a little bittersweet.”

Kromdyk, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Friday, was a member of the Lansdale Borough Police Department for 26 years, and over the last several years he served as the Department’s liaison to the media.