Pa. State Senate Passes Revenue Package for State Budget

The Pennsylvania State Senate passes a revenue package by the narrow margin of 26 to 24.

The revenue package calls for a tax on gas drillers, home gas deliver, cell phones, landlines and electric delivery. Montgomery County Republican State Senator John Rafferty says, passing the revenue package was the right move.

“We’ve been forewarned not only by our leadership but the Governor’s office, by the Treasure’s office. Come September we could be in a dire situation of not meeting payroll. In the Commonwealth, not have an expenditure in place, this was the responsible thing to do.”

Democratic State Senator Lisa Boscola, who serves parts of Lehigh and Northampton Counties, says the average taxpayer loses under this revenue package.

“We might get maybe 100 million out of that Marcellus shale tax, but 450 million, approximately is coming form telephones, electric and gas customers. The middle class again is paying the brunt of this tax code.”

The revenue plan now heads to the House for consideration. The State budget is 32 million dollars. The Senate plan also calls for borrowing 1.3 billion dollars on future tobacco settlement payments.