Borick: Kelly Appointment Needed in Midst of Chaos

Now than Anthony Scaramucci has been exited as White House Communications Director, the Trump Administration is attempting to move forward with a touch of military discipline.

Former General, John J. Kelly was sworn-in Monday as President Trump’s Chief of Staff. Muhlenberg College Pollster and Professor of Political Science Dr. Chris Borick says, chaos needs to be replaced by order. Dr. Borick adds, questions still remain about how President Trump will react to Kelly’s plans to bring normalcy to an Administration in chaos.

“If the President does follow, what are I believe the suggestions and game plan laid out by the General on how to run the Administration, I think it will be very good for President Trump. The key again is, does he listen, is he wiling to listen.”

Dr. Borick, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday, says of all the moves President Trump has made, the appointment of General Kelly seems to make the most sense.