E.P.A Moving Forward with Clean up of Asbestos in Ambler

An E.P.A. clean-up is nearly completed of asbestos, remnants from the Keasbey and Mattison Company in Ambler.

The company, which closed in the early 1960’s, manufactured asbestos related products, including insulation and shingles. The E.P.A.’s John Epps says three areas were targeted, a park in Whitpain Township, the asbestos pile in Ambler and a reservoir in Upper Dublin Township.

“The capping work was finished relatively quickly once we were able to get started on it. The typical Superfund site does last a couple of years. It goes through an investigation phase, a design phase and a clean up phase.”

Epps, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition says, it’s called the BoRit site, its a combination of the man’s name who once owned the site, Bob Rittenhouse. For information on the clean up, go to epa.gov/ambler. It was added to the E.P.A.’s National Priorities List on 2009.