Madonna: House May Not Agree with Taxes in Revenue Plan

The revenue package approved by the State Senate is being considered by the House, but there’s still no movement.

F&M College Professor of Political Science and Pollster, Dr. Terry Madonna says, there’s a reason lawmakers are not moving quicker on the Senate’s revenue plan.

“State Treasurer Joe Torsella has said by the end of August the money that the State has on hand will be severely lessoned, raising the specter that some services would be cut, so there’s no pressure for several weeks. There’s also the fact that even if employees work it’s been court mandated that they have to be paid. The Senate and House are conservative, but the House is far more conservative and they may not warm to the taxes in the Senate’s revenue package.”

The senate has proposed taxes on shale drillers, consumer utilities, ranging from electric to home gas delivery, landlines and cell phones bills. The Senate’s revenue plan also calls for borrowing 1.3 billion dollars on future payments of tobacco settlement funds. The state’s spending plan is 32 billion dollars.