Man charged in Lethal Shooting Says He was Defending Woman

A Hatfield Township man is charged with a fatal shooting at his home.

43 year old, Derrick Cosby, who was holding a party at his home on the 2400 block of East Orvilla road, shot 31 year old, Jeremy Chasteen at about 11:45 Saturday night, July 22nd. Cosby told police that during the party Chasteen and Chasteen’s wife were engaged in a domestic fight when Chasteen began punching her. The Chasteen’s and their six children were invited to the party, which started earlier that day. According to records, Chasteen left without his wife, but returned and began hitting her again after pushing past Cosby and making entry to Cosby’s home. Cosby told police he was in fear for the woman and other guests. He says he went his room and loaded a gun. Cosby’s attorney, Edward Galang says, his client was clearly trying to protect the woman and others inside the home from Chasteen, who, according to records, was physically imposing and continued to hit his wife. Cosby shot Chasteen in the head, killing him. Cosby then called 911 and told police what had happened. Cosby is charged with 1st degree. The investigation was carried out by the Hatfield Toenship Police Department and the Montgomery County D.A.’s office.