Cooney: Daulton Bonded with Phillies Fans

Darren Daulton was a leader on the diamond and a legend for a generation of Phillies fans. Daulton, former Phillies catcher, affectionately known as “Dutch”, passed away Sunday night after a four year battle with brain cancer. Courier Times and Intelligencer Sports Columnist, Kevin Cooney, was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Monday morning.

“We all kind of understood that those guys on the 1993 team weren’t the nicest guys, but Daulton seemed that he was the one guy who was genuinely human. He revealed his warts, but he also treated everyone in the Phillies organization and fans with simple human decency and I really think that engagement gave him a bond that connected with the fans.

Cooney adds, Daulton was a leader that proved to be a bright spot in Phillies history that was surrounded by losing teams.

“You have the end of the Schmidt, Carlton, Rose era, to really the time Jim Thome walked in to Citizens Bank Park and that’s a long gap. I don’t think you can oversell how important it was of that 93’ team keeping kind of the fires of the sport alive in the city. Daulton is the key player in that.”

The Phillies drafted Daulton in 1980. He would help lead the 1993 Phillies to the World Series that year, knocking off the favored Atlanta Braves for the National League Championship. The Phillies finished last in the 1992 season. Daulton played in 3 All Star games and earned a World Series Ring with the 1997 Florida Marlins. Daulton leaves behind a wife and four children.