Commonwealth Foundation: House Likely to Fight Tax Hikes

A revenue package for the 32 billion dollar State Budget is still unfinished.

While the State Senate passed a revenue plan, the State House, according to the Commonwealth Foundation’s Elizabeth Stelle, is not warning to the plan because of who will be paying for it.

“The revenue doesn’t come from the severance tax, it comes from the tax on natural gas heating on you and me and everyone else who uses natural gas to heat their homes and cook food.”

Stelle adds, with other consumer tax increases in the Senate’s revenue plan, ranging from cell phones to landlines and consumer electric delivery, the House is not likely to agree on the revenue package.

“The House has been very poised in saying that they are not happy with this plan and they were not involved in negotiating the plan, so it looks like they are going to fight the tax hike.”

Stelle was a guest on WNPV’s Regarding Your Money with George Toth Tuesday morning.