Turzanski: The North Korean Threat Has Gotten Too Real

Ed Turzanski, a Fellow the Foreign Policy Research Institute says the U.S needs to pressure china to deal with the escalating situation with North Korea.

Turzanski says, the U.S should exert direct pressure on Chinese banks doing business with North Korea.

“I would make very clear to the Chinese the unfortunate steps that we would have to take to deal with the problem that they’ve allowed to metastasize. In would include armaments to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan as part of that calculus.”

Turzanski adds, he would also urge the President to immediately meet with the leaders of the Senate and the House over the volatile situation and not respond to the threats.

“And allow the Secretary of Defense to take the lead in responding.”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis issued a warning to North Korea Wednesday, saying the regime should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people. Turzanski was a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Wednesday afternoon.