State Rep. says Tap Other Funds Before Raising Taxes

Pennsylvania’s 32 billion dollar State Budget still awaits action from the House after the Senate sent it a revenue package, which includes consumer tax hikes on home gas delivery, electric, cell phones and landlines.

Bucks County State Rep. Kathy Watson says it’s time to tap lapse funds that date back to 2009.

“That’s like saying I’ve got tons of cash in the couch cushion. I want to get that first before I ever start talking about a tax. I would also suggest that we go to the Department of Revenue and look at the taxes owed to the State of Pennsylvania that have not been collected, also going back to 2009.”

Watson does support a tax on gas drillers. Watson says it’s possible the House could take up the Senate’s revenue plan in late August or early September. Watson says, lawmakers are on a six hour call.